What I Learned From AT&T

An article from AdvertisingAge can actually teach us several things – how AT&T is expanding to the iPhone App Market and how to keep customer’s loyal in the face of competitors and an expanding market.

While AT&T offers around 20 iPhone apps currently, the fast-approaching reality that AT&T will not be the only iPhone carrier forever is causing them to expand their offering with tailored apps unique to AT&T that might make users want to stick around a little longer.

Mark Collins, senior VP-data and voice products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer markets, said AT&T is focused on building apps across all phone makers’ platforms that bring value and help minimize churn.  He said that when an AT&T customer stores its social networks, photos, and videos on AT&T and uses, for instance, its “Family Map” app that locates phones on the same plan, “they’re much more likely to stay with us.”

AT&T pursuing this expansion in their offerings, currently unique to the mobile service provider helps increase the likelihood that customers will stay – even with the iPhone being offered to other providers. Most businesses can take this to heart as well – you should constantly be on the lookout for new offerings and services to provide to your clients (for our team most recently local search). By expanding offerings to your clients, you can help them stay a loyal customer and provide a great benefit to them.