When Search is not the answer

Recently, our team decided against taking on a Pay-Per-Click project for a potential client due to a situation…their product/service is too unique and niche.  How does this present a problem for SEM efforts?  As we have preached many times before on our blog, is the understanding of all Online Marketing Strategies and how they cooperate with one another.  Search Marketing, by nature, is a form of demand fulfillment in which advertisers target visitors who are actively looking for their products and services.  For this process to occur, awareness of your products/services by those who need it.  The issue that occurs for niche products/services is the lack of the awareness factor which leads to little to no search volume…in short, if people are not aware that they need you they will not search for you.  So how do you solve this issue and get qualified traffic to your site? Demand Generationstrategies is what you need…

  • Display Advertising

Display Advertising is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for awareness and branding when done right.  Using messaging/images and targeting the right placements/web sites is one of the quickest ways to generate awareness due to the reach its capable of.  Display Advertising can reach millions of targeted traffic daily and provide more awareness then TV or Radio combined.  As you generate Display traffic, you will see traffic volume from your Branded Terms and Direct traffic increase along with your sales and leads.  This is what makes Display Advertising the closest thing to traditional advertising online.

  • Google Content Network

The Google Content Network is Google’s version of a Display Network.  Their Content Network is estimated to reach up to 76% of the visitors in the US and with the right targeting strategy can be very effective in bring forth awareness.  Google’s Content Network allows you to use Text, Image and Video ads and target demographics, websites and/or relevant content (through keyword targeting) to find qualified  visitors.  As you collect data, you will be able to use the Google Adwords and Analytics reporting to measure the effectiveness of Content Network targeting.  In upcoming posts, we will get into Content Network strategy and how to be effective.

The big takeaway is understanding your online marketing tool kit to be successful.  If you are starting a new service or product that the world has never heard of, don’t be surprised when your SEM efforts fall short.  Use Display and the Google Content Network to educate potential customers and get the business you need online!