Yahoo Step Ups Bidding Capabilities

Yahoo Paid Ads has recently rolled out new Advanced bidding options that are second to none in the Paid Search Market.  With the new  Bidding options, you are now able to target your bids based on:

  • Demographics (Age, Sex)
  • City and State Targeting
  • Time of Day Targeting

The roll-out of the new bidding options will allow you to set your campaigns to target bids more aggressively for all of the variables mentioned.  This rivals bidding options on Google and Bing because of the ability to take the Demographic, Geo and/or Time of Day information and bid more aggressively by what works and back off bids on what doesn’t.

An example of this would be if your are client X and you sell online books.  Based on the demographic and regional data collected, you find that women in their 30-40s  and in major Metropolitan areas has the highest conversion rates.  You can set your campaign settings to increase bids for those visitors by x% in effort to increase exposure to your target market.  On the flip side, if you find that there is a high cost involved with people under the age of 18 you can lower your bids on this demographic.

Overall, while there are many needed improvements on Yahoo’s Search Marketing platform, the ability to control bidding at this level adds a whole new level of strategy.  When it comes to bid optimization efforts, Yahoo now has the advantage!