Google AdWords Certified

Short Definition: A business or marketer who has received recognition by Google for completing the Google AdWords exam.

What is Google AdWords Certification?

Google AdWords certification, now branded as part of the ‘Google Partners’ program, is a necessity for any PPC expert. For anyone looking for extensive training in AdWords, getting AdWords Certification through Google is the way to establish credibility for yourself and your business. There are six total exams, including AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. For a basic certification, one must complete AdWords Fundamentals and one other exam.

These exams cover basic and advanced advertising concepts for AdWords, including setting up your campaigns, ongoing management and optimization, and much more. There are two levels of Partner Badges for your business, with the differences outlined here. A Premier Partner badge, which Leverage Marketing has, demonstrates more expertise in Google AdWords platforms, as well as a higher level of performance and higher spend requirement.

Why Should You Become Certified?

While you can learn about many of the fundamental concepts of Google AdWords through online education without taking an exam, getting AdWords Certified and earning a Partner or Premier Partner Badge for your business establishes additional credibility. Across the digital marketing industry, Google AdWords is recognized as a standard—and knowing how to use it well is incredibly important. Proficiency within Google’s platforms is now a necessity within digital marketing. Start your training today and work towards making your business a Google Partner.

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