Google Reps

What Are Google Reps?

Short Definition: Agents of Google who provide direct support for Google products

Google reps are employees of Google who provide support to businesses that meet certain spend thresholds in AdWords. Google reps are also available to paid search agencies that have earned a Google Partner badge.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Google Reps?

Google reps can help set up, monitor, and provide support for campaigns in AdWords. Businesses and agencies who have access to Google reps can contact their rep directly when they have questions about their AdWords account or campaigns, rather than calling Google’s standard 800 customer support number.

In addition to helping businesses and agencies run ad campaigns, Google reps also share the latest industry news, trends, and reports. When new AdWords features become available, your Google rep will let you know. In some cases, Google reps even provide access to AdWords features that are being tested in beta (i.e. not available to the public yet).

How Can You Confirm Someone Is a Real Google Rep?

If you get a phone call from someone who says they are a Google rep, there are a couple ways you can make sure they’re legitimate.

  1. Have them read off your unique AdWords customer ID. This number is found in the top right corner of your AdWords dashboard.
  2. Ask them to read off the names and clicks of your campaigns or ad groups.
  3. Have them send you an email from their corporate account. Their email address should end in

Keep in mind that Google will never contact you unexpectedly and ask you to provide your AdWords password or other sensitive information. You should never give away sensitive information until you’ve confirmed you’re speaking to a real Google rep.

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