Landing Page

Short Definition: The page to which search users will be directed after clicking a link or ad.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing is a web page that your website’s visitors will land on from another place on the Internet. In marketing and advertising, landing pages are used as single objective web pages that are separate from your main website. Marketers and web designers can design a landing page for a purpose tied into where the customer is “landing” from and what action you want them to take. A landing page limits the options available to website visitors, guiding them to your conversion goals.

What are the Types of Landing Pages?

When discussing different types of landing pages, there are two primary types: Click-Through and Lead Generation (also known as Lead Gen or Lead Capture).

  • Click-Through Landing Pages have the immediate goal of convincing the website visitor to click on another page on the website. These types of landing pages are often used in ecommerce funnels to describe a product or offer to encourage a visitor to purchase. If inbound advertising traffic is directed to a shopping cart or registration pages, it can dissuade customers and lower conversion rates. Warming up your customers by providing them additional information can result in higher conversion rates, resulting in additional purchases.
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages are the perfect landing pages to capture user data, such as names, email addresses, and more. The purpose of Lead Gen pages is to collect information to help your company better market and then connect with your leads. You’ll create a form and then offer the user something in return for their information such as:
    • An eBook or whitepaper
    • Newsletter registration
    • Webinar registration
    • A discount coupon
    • Entry to a contest
    • A free trial
    • A consultation for your services

How Should I Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages are an important tool for persuading leads further along the marketing funnel to make a purchase or for getting customers’ information. Work directly with your design team to create landing pages that will work for your website and your buyer personas.

landing pages
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