Cast a Wider Net

Content Hubs

Content hub

Bring in more prospects

When we develop a content hub that covers a wide range of topics within your industry, we’re casting a wider net for you in organic search. Prospects are online looking for answers to specific questions related to your industry and products. This usually involves long-tail searches, and with a content hub on your site, they will be directed to your site to find the answers they’re looking for.

Show off the breadth of your knowledge

Extensive coverage of a wide variety of topics relevant to your business or industry gives users the idea that you know what you’re talking about. They start to recognize your brand as a thought leader in your realm.

Build trust

With a content hub chock-full of original and engaging content, your site becomes a valuable source of information. When you provide consumers with the information they need, they start to develop a sense of trust toward your brand.

Promote sharing

When people find your content useful, they will share it with others and refer them to you as an authority on the subject. Having a variety of engaging content pieces increases the probability that users will share your content and spend more time on your site.

Boost ranking power

Rise above competitors with site content that is greater in both quantity and quality. When we write or create high-quality content for hubs, we are also linking to high-quality sources. In turn, influencers and relevant websites will link back to you, which not only increases your traffic but also your ranking power.

Educate your prospects

Sometimes consumers need a little education on a product or service before they buy it. People may not even be aware that a certain product/service exists, or that they had a need for it in the first place. In the past, sales departments spent a lot of time educating prospects. Now prospects turn to the internet. Content hubs give prospects the educational experience they seek – without pressure from a salesman.