A Targeted Approach to Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Some businesses hear the term ‘content marketing’ and think that producing a few new pieces of content for their site will automatically increase traffic and conversions. But even if you’re producing some of the most useful, insightful content on the internet, it won’t help you if people don’t know it exists. Creating content without promoting it is like dropping out of a race at the halfway point.

At Leverage Marketing, our content strategy includes both creation and promotion. We use PR software and other distribution tools to share your content on social media and third-party sites where your target customers will see it. We have experience with content promotion in both B2C and B2B industries, and we target the social media channels and news sites that are most relevant to each of our clients.

Our content promotion strategy focuses on driving qualified visitors to your site so that you get the best value for your content marketing budget.