Keep Prospects Engaged with Interactive Content

Interactive Content

With so much brand content vying for web user’s attention, your company needs content that offers something of real value to your audience. Interactive content provides a great opportunity to connect with your audience and share important information in a memorable way. It can also help you learn more about your site visitors so that you can further customize offers that will convince prospects to purchase from you.

Whether you want to create an ROI calculator or an interactive infographic, our team has the resources and know-how to make it happen.


You may have already seen the frequently-cited statistic saying that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. With that kind of an instantaneous impact, it’s no wonder infographics have become such a popular and powerful content marketing tool. We produce static and interactive infographics that clearly tell a compelling story, encouraging viewers to share the content with their social networks.

Case Studies

You probably have some amazing stories about how you’ve helped past customers—you just need to tell those stories in a way that appeals to your prospects. Our content team crafts case studies that show your company at its best, finding solutions for the types of problems your site visitors may have. We can put together an interactive gallery of case studies, letting users click through to the stories that are most relevant to them.


Online calculators are becoming an increasingly popular tool in a wide range of industries, from sports magazines sharing race pace calculators to real estate companies letting users estimate their mortgage. Want to create a calculator that shows users how your services or products pay off? We can handle that.


Surveys show your site visitors that their input matters—and they’re also a great opportunity to gather valuable demographic information that your satellite marketing team can use in future lead generating campaigns. We create appealing, easy-to-complete online surveys that can help you gain valuable insights into your customers.

Interactive Guides

We’re not afraid of heavy lifting: if you want in-depth white papers, guides, or eBooks to use as gated content, we can deliver them. We can also incorporate interactive elements, such as mini-quizzes, calculators, and final assessments to help readers get more value and enjoy a customized experience.