Landing Page Creation for Increased Conversions

Landing Pages

Your landing pages have a job to do: get web visitors to convert. Whether you want visitors to join your email list or complete a purchase, landing pages should make this process easy and compelling. That job description sounds pretty straightforward, but actually getting web users to become subscribers or customers can be a challenge.

Rather than struggling to create landing pages on your own, why not work with a digital marketing team that thrives on this kind of challenge? At Leverage Marketing, we work with our clients to develop landing pages that encourage their prospective customers to convert. We use simple, purposeful copy and design elements to support strong calls-to-action.

More importantly, we don’t just tell you that a landing page will work: we show you how we’ve optimized it. We use A/B testing to hone in on the most effective CTAs, headlines, layouts, contact form fields, and design elements. We continue to track landing page metrics so that we can clearly report on the success of your PPC and email marketing campaigns.