Optimize Emails with Insightful Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

Email marketing can be a low-cost, effective way to reach your target customers, drive more traffic to your site, and increase conversions—but not if you go into it without a strategy. Fortunately, our team at Leverage Marketing loves putting together email marketing strategies based on solid data.

Our team is Google Analytics-certified and able to track both essential and advanced email marketing metrics, including:

    • Open Rate
    • Click-through Rate
    • Bounce Rate
    • Unsubscribe Rate
    • Time Reading Email
    • Device (that email is opened on)
    • Performance Across Email Domains
    • Conversion Path

These metrics allow us to see how successful your current email campaigns are and recommend improvements for the future. For example, if we find that a large percentage of emails are opened on mobile devices, we will help you optimize your emails to better appeal to mobile readers. We can use available data to optimize everything from subject lines to in-email incentives, and to determine the time of day and days of the week to send your messages for the greatest impact.

Get more out of your email campaigns when you choose Leverage Marketing as your satellite marketing department. Contact us to learn more.