Who are we looking to work with?

Our Emerging Business practice is ideal for companies who have survived the challenge of getting off the ground. We’ve been there a number of times. We know how exhausting and all-consuming it is. We also know that getting to that point, simply puts you in the game.

The next stage of developing your business will determine whether your business survives, plateaus early, or achieves its growth objectives. Scaling your business, reacting to changing market conditions, defending against newer companies, while competing with larger companies are some of the new challenges that an emerging company will face.

Leverage Marketing’s Emerging Business Services can help you navigate this stage of growth and beyond.

In general, if your company fits the following description, we should chat:

            • Revenue greater than $500k
            • Less than 3 years old
            • Needs to scale and needs to generate leads and revenue online
            • Targeting 10x growth in 3 years or less