Optimization for Humans, Not Just Algorithms

Optimized for Visitors

While ranking highly for relevant keywords is an important part of search engine optimization, it’s not the end goal. Ultimately, you want web users who are searching for those keywords to find your business and either make a purchase or inquire about your services. That means your website and its content needs to appeal to real people, not just search engine algorithms.

When web users find the information they are looking for on your site, they will be more likely to view your brand as a trusted authority and spend more time on your site, which indirectly influences your search engine rankings and makes it easier for more potential customers to find you.

At Leverage Marketing, we know that SEO and user experience are closely related, and we keep this in mind when designing your site, creating landing pages, and producing content. We research both keywords and your target customers in order to focus on the words and phrases that will attract the most relevant, qualified leads. We don’t use keyword stuffing, low-quality links, or any other black hat SEO tactics that are ultimately ineffective and likely to get your site penalized. We focus on the big picture—the site experience that will lead visitors to convert—when implementing SEO strategies.