Stay abreast of what’s going on in your satellite marketing team


Whether you pop into our virtual office, into our physical office in Austin, TX, or jump into our project management suite, you’ll have a complete view into what your marketing department is doing and achieving for your business. Accessing our virtual office is as easy as clicking a link – no software installation necessary. You’ll instantly appear in our lobby or conference rooms as if via teleportation. This way you can join marketing meetings, share desktops and chat with someone on your marketing team whenever you need to communicate. (The good old-fashioned telephone isn’t out of the question either. Our analysts and account managers are always talking to clients.)

Our project management platform is also accessible to clients. It lets you see what your team is working on and when you can expect it to be done. You can also view or share files for projects. In addition, we provide robust reporting and measurement of your business metrics. We measure the results of our efforts, so you’ll never lose sight of where your marketing dollars are being spent or which activities are the most profitable.