Meet The Members of Your Satellite Marketing Team

We’re smart, we’re experienced and we’re great at what we do. We’ve started, built and sold companies. We’ve been involved with technology and marketing since the beginning. Our experience has taught us to find answers and then go look for even better answers.

<div align="center">Bedros Bedrosian</div>

Bedros Bedrosian

Managing Partner

<div align="center">Bob Kehoe</div>

Bob Kehoe

CEO & Partner

<div align="center">Matt Hooks</div>

Matt Hooks

COO & Partner

<div align="center">Tom Festa</div>

Tom Festa

Director of Project Development

<div align="center">Daniel Valle</div>

Daniel Valle

Director of Strategy & Planning

<div align="center">Thiagarajan Sivasubramanian</div>

Thiagarajan Sivasubramanian

Director of Paid Search

<div align="center">Michael T Kehoe</div>

Michael T Kehoe


<div align="center">Thy Ta</div>

Thy Ta

Director of Client Services & Social Media

<div align="center">Stan Milan</div>

Stan Milan

Director of Business Development

<div align="center">Michael Holeman</div>

Michael Holeman

Paid Search Analyst

<div align="center">Madeline Jacobson</div>

Madeline Jacobson

Digital Content Team Leader

<div align="center">Patrick Stephens</div>

Patrick Stephens

SEO Analyst

<div align="center">Kathie Rogers</div>

Kathie Rogers

Accounting & HR Manager

<div align="center">Tim Bailey</div>

Tim Bailey

Business Development